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The Playful Learning Preschool at Kol Ami understands that play is a child’s work and essential for developing creativity, imagination, and other high level thinking skills. Our highly qualified and trained teachers have worked to create a fun and engaging environment, stimulating young children to create, collaborate, explore, and discover. We view all children as capable individuals, who as natural learners, learn best through play, having hands-on experiences and making their own discoveries.


We understand the power of listening and talking and recognize the value of engaging young children in meaningful conversations as they explore the world around them. We know that it is through language that children make friends, share ideas, learn from others, and gain knowledge about their world.


We recognize the importance of social competence and provide a classroom community where children make friends as they work and play cooperatively together, learning to respect others and to value themselves.


We nurture a love of physical activity, encouraging young children to be active, to have fun, to play outdoors, and to respect nature. We appreciate how physical play promotes motor and healthy social development.


We encourage a love of fresh vegetables and healthy eating habits through work in our onsite Esther’s Garden. 


We involve teachers, parents, and children as partners in the dynamic learning process.

​While the Playful Learning Preschool at Kol Ami is a secular program, we explore universal values through the lens of Jewish traditions and celebrations. Children are encouraged to share the culture and traditions of their families.


We use the Creative Curriculum, a research-based, comprehensive curriculum that features exploration and discovery as a way of learning. Its design enables children to develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical thinking skills.


Call us at 801-484-1501 to schedule a visit

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